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Car Alarm Installation Tips From A Professional

Many times, choosing a car alarm installation for your vehicle can be a truly confusing task, but if you know what’s available, then you can make it a fun experience.  Let’s talk about the features available and how you can choose what you really need.

Brand Name: First, you have to ask yourself, which brand do I want to go for?  There are many out there, such as Python, Viper, Hornet, Crimestopper, and Cobra.  Funny how they all seem to have snake names.

They all have different features and different capabilities.  Keep in mind these are not the only brands out there, these are just a few that come to mind.  But when you choose an alarm, always go with a trusted brand name because you can really lose money going with generic ones that aren’t really backed up by a trusted company.

Features: The next thing you want to consider are the features you want your alarm system to have. Here are some of the standard ones. You can make it so that when you activate your alarm, your car doors lock.  And when you deactivate, the doors unlock.  These are the most common standard features that all alarms have.

However, some features like Automatic Car Start are only available on the higher end ones.  Basically, you can start your car from inside your house with the alarm remote.  That makes it very convienient when it’s hot outside and you want you car to be cool when you get in it… or vice versa.

Certified Shop: The next thing you want to do is call a car alarm installation shop and ask them if their installers are certfied installation professionals.  You don’t want to go to a shop that’s only been in business for 5 months and whose installer have no real experience.  They’ll most likely end up making a mess and shorting your car out.

When you contact the shop, ask them which car alarm brands they carry and which one they recommend.  Listen to their recommendation because many times they’ll give you some good tips or highlight some features you may not have thought of.

If you stick to these simple tips, you’ll have a good experience and you’ll most likely enjoy of your car alarm system for many years to come.

Arturo Arroyo has been professionally installing car alarm systems in the San Diego Area for over 7 years. His certified, professional installers average over 25 years of installation experience in car alarm installation and car audio installation services. Contact Arturo if you have any more questions or for a free quote.

Car Audio Installation Guidelines To Follow

When it comes to choosing a car audio installation shop, you really want to make sure you follow some simple guidelines that will help you make it a hassle-free experience.

First, you want to make sure that the installers are certified installers.  It seems silly, but many shops will get anyone off the street that claims to know how to install a sound system or an alarm system, but they won’t test them to see if they really know what they’re doing.

Second, make sure the shop owner has been in business doing car audio installations for at least three years.  Why?  Simply because most businesses fail within their first year, so if the shop has been in business for three years, that means they are certainly doing something right.

Third, since they’ve been in business this long, check out any reviews or complaints that customers have left for them.  The really gives you some clues as to the kind of customer service they may offer and if they do a neat job as well.

Finally, ask then if they do custom work for their customers.  Most of the time, doing custom work requires specialized skills and if they have those skills, you stand a good chance of being able to walk away much more happy with your work.

These guidelines may seem like common sense, but for most people they aren’t.  Many would never think of asking such questions and after a shop works on their car, they are totally sorry they went there.

So make sure you do your due dilligence and make sure you choose a shop that will custom install your system for you, that way, you’ll be a happy camper all the way.


Arturo Arroyo has been professionally installing custom car audio equipment and accessories in the San Diego area for over 7 years.  As the owner of Big Boyz Car Audio, He knows what makes customers happy, but most importantly, he can deliver. Contact him at his Car Audio Installation page if you have any questions… or for a free quote.