Car Stereo Installation San Diego

We can do basic or custom installations for your truck, car, lowrider,hot rod, boat, etc…

If you need a Car Stereo Installation San Diego Shop, look no further as we’re the most experienced in San Diego!

We install alarms, amplifiers, reverse and back up cameras,stereos, video, xm or sirius systems,dvd monitors,headrest,and a lot more. We can make custom boxes with a specific design or logo.

We are experienced with fiberglass custom boxes. We use Birch and MDF wood to make subwoofer boxes. We can troubleshoot any electrical problem or clean up another shops mess.

UPDATE: We now do Window Tinting too!

My goal is to take care of the customer and perform good clean work.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and Discover cards. Call for a quote: (619) 469-2699.  Or better yet, come on and visit us at: 1415 Skyline Drive, Suite A , Lemon Grove, CA 91945.

Below are just a few samples of our work.  I hope you enjoy…

Car Audio Custom Installation - Lemon Grove

2005 Honda Civic with SoundStream Equipment… Beautiful, isn’t it?

Next, we have an SUV

Car Audio Custom Installation - Lemon Grove

1997 Ford Explorer that belongs to my son Anthony Arroyo “Big Nino”

Looking Inside The Big Nino

Looking Inside The Big Nino… Truly A Mobile Entertainment System… How About A Closer Look?

A Closer Look Into Big Nino

Can You Count How Many Screens This Baby Has?

The Big Nino Monster Amp

This Is The Monster Amp That Powers The Whole Thing… Impressive? Yeah, We Think So.

Now, here’s a look at the system hidden under the trunk of my pickup truck…

Hidden Audio System Under Truck's Trunk

Hidden Audio System Under Truck’s Trunk

… Below is “Big Beto”, one of my installers.

Big Beto of

Our Professional Installer Beto, Next To Birds From Majestics 1963 Chevy Impala That We Amp’d Up.

Now, a close-up on the beautiful car above… - Custom Car Audio Installation

A Closer Look At One Of Our Masterpiece Installations!

And finally, check this out out…

Custom Car Audio Installation

Check Out What We Did With This 2005 Acura TL That Belongs To A  U.S Marine

Car Audio Installation - Lemon Grove - 1949 Hudson Brougham

We Installed The Audio On This Beautiful 1949 Hudson Brougham Named “Christine”


Impala With Hidden System

This Beautiful Impala Has A Hidden Sound System Under The Trunk’s Carpet

Taking A Look Inside "Christine"

Taking A Look Insdie “Christine”

Marisa Rosales owns the beautiful red 1949 Hudson Brougham above. She named her car “Christine”. We installed all the audio on this beautiful classic.

If you like what you have seen so far, please contact us at: (619) 469-2699.  Or better yet, come on and visit us at: 1415 Skyline Drive, Suite A , Lemon Grove, CA 91945.